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I wish you luck with your wine. You can, of course, drink it after about 2 weeks. It will have fermented in that time. But, I wouldn't call it wine. More of a hooch. lol. It's only wine after it ages. And, the active yeast in unaged wine might give you a bellyache.

Mary C Boone

LoL U had me from the get go! Freeeee wine woooooohoo! My mullberry tree is so full this yr that i know I am making wine this go round...But then i saw u said 6 months???????? then a total of a year???????? nah got to be another way.. I did juz make my first bottle of welfare wine thow using grape juice sugar and ( 2pks active dry yeast) and sure nuff 14days it was ready to drink...now im ready to redo that recipe and use LoL one pk of yeast.....ah year????????????

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