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Rice milk and almond or cashew cream are easy to make, too, and I do make those a lot. Of course, use what you are comfortable with. I like the store-bought stuff too. If I remember to soak the beans the night before, I can usually get a batch of soymilk made before my coffee pot is even done percolating in the morning. The benefit, to me, to making soymilk from scratch is all the other stuff that can be made from the milk and okara!


I'm a little too lazy to make my own soy milk. And actually I use almond milk, and sometimes coconut milk, and maybe rice milk, I don't care for soy milk so much, not sure why. I think it's mental. I buy them prepared, and it seems you can get them either sweetened, or not from Krogers, and I'm always getting coupons for them, or they are are sale, in the quart containers.


For people that hate tofu - here's the thing, if you quit killing your tastebuds with too much salt, and fat, and overdoing it, you can actually taste tofu, and to me it has a slightly, yummy, yeasty flavor, that I really find appealing. I can eat a whole block of firm tofu plain, no problem. The soft stuff, not so much....

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