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It's parsley. But cilantro and parsley are pretty similar. I grew them in the same garden bed one year and kept picking the wrong stuff for dinner. Cilantro has a funny taste when you were expecting parsley.

Bulk olive oil is fine. It's what the high-class restaurant dudes use. You can even get extra virgin olive oil in those giant tins. If you want to use it instead of butter, you can even freeze some overnight and then keep it in the fridge. It makes a soft spread for toast or whatever. It needs a little salt.

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you are excited about food. I love food.

Amy Jenkins

That was supposed to be selling point for your book. I'm apologizing for filling up your blog. I can't help it. I've never tried seaweed. I'm afraid of it. I'm afraid it will taste fishy. I don't eat fish or seafood, I can't take the taste of fish at all. That's a great idea about the olive oil. I should buy it in bigger bulk. I get side tracked by the claims that only certain (and expensive) types of olive oil are any good, and certainly those would not be the kind sold in bulk, or affordable in bulk. I've often thought about using it as butter, but I just never have. Not sure Rick would buy into that at all, that's probably why I didn't go ahead and do it. But, you're so right about the cost of butter in those tubs, buying smart balance, that stuff will put a big dent in your pocket right now!

Amy Jenkins

I really like the focus you have on affordability and vegetarian food. Boy, that angle would be a good selling point for your point, that and simplicity....

Amy Jenkins

That looks like cilantro there.... I don't know why, I'm one of those people who doesn't care for the taste of cilantro. Of course, I love, thyme, basil, and all the rest. Have you ever been out to the cox arboretum? Something else I like to eat, that I like just fine,cold and bland, is firm tofu. I haven't one other single person that also likes that. I don't see what the problem with it is, I think it tastes good. I can sit down and eat a whole tub, no problem.

Amy Jenkins

Peppers - when not picking from the garden, I buy from Krogers. In thier produce section for peppers, they just have all these different kinds of peppers, not labled, and I have no idea whatsoever what I am buying, other than it looks like a pepper. I have come across a lot of recipees suggesting to use a blano? pepper, which I've never knowingly found....

Amy Jenkins

Miso - I LOVE white miso, and I don't use it nearly enough. I don't use red miso, not sure why,I liked the taste of white, and stuck with that. I sometimes make soup, or use it instead of chicken broth (I am not a vegan or vegetarian - I am more of a , if I buy meat products at least buy the ones that had a happy life)

Amy Jenkins

Hey Mary -

I use the spray bottle liquid aminos, I thought I was buying the pour from a bottle stuff, but bought this accidently, and it works out nicely actually. And there's not a big change between that really, and if you use regular soy sauce. And I'm thinking it is gluten free - for those of us with gluten issues...

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